About Us

Helsinki House is situated at the edge of Lake Gadisar. This beautiful hotel has uninterrupted views out across the desert sands, a monsoonal lake, and the golden city, Jaisalmer. The impressive exterior of the hotel features breathtaking architecture hand-carved by local artisans, giving a palace feel to this boutique establishment. This feeling is enhanced when you step inside the rooms that perfectly capture the essence of Indian heritage.

The name “Helsinki House” is a tribute to the city that gave Ali Khan (the owner) the opportunity to turn his childhood dream into a reality. Ali Khan was born in a small village town 30km outside of Jaisalmer. He arrived in Jaisalmer at the age of 7, to work for an uncle. Later he got the opportunity to live and work in Finland and it was there that he was able to save the money to fulfill his dream. This is a true rag to riches story of a desert boy who dreamed of one day building a hotel and through many years of hard work, a little bit of luck and a whole lot of charm, his vision stands before you as Helsinki House.